Soda Steve



Hi, I am Soda Steve, Culinary Tourist,  welcome to the new Soda Steve’s at Fin and Feather Resort.

What the heck is a Culinary Tourist?   Glad you asked.  As a Culinary Tourist I love food, to eat food, to cook food, to watch other people cook food, dream about food. I love food TV (which is bested only by Fox News during times of high political drama), and we are talking about most any kind of food, any and all ethnic food.  I love to read cookbooks and play with really big knives, and I will try any food at least once!

As a Culinary Tourist I plan almost all my travels around not what sights there are to see, or where I am going to lay my flattop at night, but where to feed my face during the day. All Itineraries are laid out according to where we are going to EAT; this is the mantra of a True Culinary Tourist!

Cheap Food and a lot of it, yes…….. Expensive food and a little of it, yes……….. Greasy food and too much of it, definitely.

I set out on all of my adventures with a full bottle of antacid and an extra pair of stretchy pants and my favorite yellow shirt.  Did you ever notice that food always tastes better when you are wearing yellow?   Kinda makes you go hmmmmmmmm? Anyway.

I love my yellow shirts and I also happen to be one of those guys that cannot eat a meal with out dropping something right in the middle of my yellow shirt. It my be the very first bite of the meal or the last bite of the meal, or sometimes, the waitress dribbles BBQ sauce on my shirt while she is serving my meal!  I might make it through the entire meal with no spot, but as I am getting up to leave, somehow during the ritualistic shaking out of  the napkin I fling some of my dinner from the napkin up onto my pristine yellow shirt.

It would be best if I could eat without a shirt on and for go any napkins, plastic bibs or the like. However, any talk of the sort, moves my family to spontaneous howling and gnashing of teeth followed by a substantial period of banishment from the family meals. I have come to accept this untidiness; however, my family rankles with it on a daily basis.  So, he next time you see me with a yellow shirt on look closely and you will most likely spot a spot or two.

From a little “hole in the wall” BBQ joint that serves big slabs of meat that have been smoked for days and served on bread sack,  to one of the best Japanese restaurants in New York City that serves a tiny piece of raw fish on their finest china.  Now that I think of it, funny thing about those meals is that big giant slab of smoked meat and the little tiny piece of raw fish both cost the same! What’s that all about?

But the one thing that those meals have in common is that they are both Yumalious!

At first, you my view Soda Steve’s as a burger joint, however, upon closer inspection you may find such items on the menu as Steamed Edamame which are steamed Japanese Soy Beans that are a great snack, or appetizer, very tasty, unusual and very fun to eat, given a little practice you can shoot them a fair distance right out of the pod.

Some hamburgers will be on there as well because there used to be a place called “The Verandah” at Fin and Feather that served the most awesome hamburgers that I have ever eaten; they are now in Soda Steve’s.

Something that is a must try at Soda Steve’s is our sort of Famous Cheese Fries!  But on the menu close to the Cheese Fries you might also find some Awesome Banana Pudding that is not to be believed.  Hot Dogs, yes, Hamburgers, yes, ice cream and shakes, yes, yes, yes Soda Steve’s has all of these.  But  we also proudly brew Starbucks Coffee and have a full line of espresso and cappuccino drinks as well as ice cold  blended Creamice beverages, (just like a Frappicino, only better!).  But, you may also find a Fried Banana Split or a Banana Foster Sundae sitting on a table next to an order of Costa Rica Ribs on Tobacco Onions.  All of this to be washed down with some of the best draft root beer around served in a real Frosty Mug. What the heck kind of place is this anyway?

It is a place like I have never seen anywhere else in all my travels.  Soda Steve’s is a one of a kind. Soda Steve’s was born out of my desire to take some of the greatest food that I have eaten during my travels, no matter where I found them or in what type of eatery and bring them together in a place that was relaxed, inviting, casual and unpretentious and serve them in a way that put the focus on the food not on the environment or the plates they are presented on and not to be bothered with the fact that these items wouldn’t really fit together on any respectable menu.

Most all of the food that you will get in Soda Steve’s will be served very simply; there is a reason for this.  We want you to be able to focus on the food.  Enjoying great food with great friends and family in comfortable clothes in a warm relaxed family friendly environment, this is what Soda Steve’s is all about.  Dress Code:  Yellow Shirt.

First and Foremost, This place is Fun.  Second and foremost it’s fun because of our peeps (guests and staff) who hang out here. Third and Second most, Where else can you eat in a place that has a Red, 1920’s cast-iron Bathtub and a Mirror ball in the Same dining Room playing , 70’sMusic and has Free Wi-Fi.  It’s the best of all the decades, with out the Stock Market Crash! Is this place really out in the Boonies? Only  if you consider beautiful Lake Tenkiller to be out in Boonies, besides Google Maps will send you on your way..  But definitely worth the trip, just keep flippin through my site and find out why.

Steve Pool, CEC